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The group sits around the kitchen table, sharing their life stories. The best part comes when Cassandra, who works at the U.N., says she’s from New York. “”Harlem?”” asks cocky William, a little too quickly. “”Midtown,”” she says calmly.

Eddie tells the others he lost his leg to bone cancer at 11, but never let himself feel sorry for himself. “”There was no real period of ‘Why me?'”” he shares. “”It happened and I’ll deal with it.””

Jordan tells the group she’s a triathlete, but doesn’t let on she knows her way around a gentlemen’s club.

When it’s time for bed, William finds himself in the room with the women, and is dispatched tout de suite.

There’s a test for the residents, à la the reward challenges on “”Survivor.”” They have to decipher a cryptographic message that tells them where some money is. (The money apparently lets them buy food from the producers.) They figure it out, but realize they have to wait until the morning to go digging in the backyard.

The women have a late-night pillow pa