CouchTuner - Watch Series Online Free

CouchTuner is a completely free streaming website that has been created many years ago and its beloved by hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world. Ever since the beginning when we launched CouchTuner, our target was to gather in the same place the most important movies and tv shows of all times. The first year was quite rough because, even if the team behind the website is made of a few programmers and movie enthusiasts, we still had to learn a lot of things about how the streaming websites worked. Step by step, we started to build a really good collection of movies and tv shows on CouchTuner that could be watched by people from anywhere in this world. At a moment, CouchTuner even became the most popular streaming website in the world but it only lasted for a short period of time after it was overtaken by 123Movies. Even if CouchTuner is not the most popular at the moment, it is still a very important website in the online free streaming industry and there are still many people who come back here everyday in order to watch the latest movies and episodes published in Full HD quality. In the following list we will present you the most important advantages of watching movies on CouchTuner compared to other similar websites.

All The Content You Wanted, In The Same Place

We already know that many people are choosing Netflix to get some entertainment and there are many other platforms such as Amazon, Hulu, Apple TV+, HBO or Disney+ but the major problem with those premium streaming platforms is they will never be able to share the same productions one to each other because they are limited by contracts and stuff so if you want to have access to a bigger variety of shows you have to pay a monthly subscription for all those platforms which turns out to be quite expensive and it's not worth it because meanwhile you can find all the movies and shows that you like on CouchTuner. At the beginning we started to publish exclusively movies but after a short time, when we managed to have an impressive collection of those, we also started to consider publishing tv shows and that's why today CouchTuner has the biggest collection of movies and series in the world and you can watch all of them for free without registration.

Available On All The Devices

The times when everybody only had a computer to watch movies have passed and now the variety of devices of richer than ever. Some of you still prefer to watch movies and shows on computer or laptop, but in the same time many other people are choosing their smartphones as the main devices so our website is mobile friendly as well. We spent a lot of time working at CouchTuner and optimizing it to make sure it will run smoothly on any devices regardless of their performance or internet connection speed. Also, keeping in mind that on CouchTuner we are only publishing very high quality movies, you can also stream them on a big smart TV. Thanks to the high quality files, your eyes won't be bothered at all. We have also removed all the advertising from the websites so your experience will be as smooth as possible without any interruptions.

It's Free, Legal and Safe

When it comes to legality and safety, there is no need to worry. CouchTuner is a completely free website that doesn't charge the visitors and also does not require registration to make sure we are not collecting any data from our visitors. Even if there are thousands of movies available on our website, none of them are hosting on our servers. Instead, we just took the video players from third party services that can deal with any inquiries regarding the content. CouchTuner does not request you to download any files, so as long as you just stream a video file from a third party service on our website you are not breaking any laws so you can anytime visit us and watch all your favorite movies and tv shows in Full HD quality for free without registration.